P&D provide innovative Off-Grid Highway CCTV solution

Bodmin 1

P&D Specialist Services Ltd have successfully installed an off-grid power solution for PTZ CCTV cameras on a current major roadworks scheme at Kier’s A30 dualling project on the remote Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, UK.

Responding to Kier’s request for assistance where there was no DNO mains power supply available for kilometers P&D have implemented a reliable, weatherproof, long range wireless CCTV transmission system across Bodmin Moor that is powered completely off-grid from hydrogen fuel-cells augmented with wind turbines and solar panels.

The challenge of delivering a reliable autonomously powered CCTV system in a highway environment has been successfully met. Twelve PTZ cameras operate 24/7 365 days a year with no mains power within miles.

Factors that needed to be considered were the hostile winter environment, the structural requirements of the camera mounting masts in this windy location, line of sight for wireless transmission and access for servicing.

With this solution there is no requirement for traditional diesel generators that need regular mechanical attention and re-fueling. Remotely located generators are also particularly prone to theft resulting in loss of service.

P&D Specialist Services Ltd have proven that the restriction of having no mains electrical supply available does not prevent the deployment of safety-critical systems in remote locations or where existing supplies are to be removed and cannot be managed to stay live.

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