M3 CCTV, Journey time and average speed camera installation

P&D Specialist Services Ltd was contracted by Balfour Beatty CEL to install an average speed camera system, a CCTV network and journey time system to cover a stretch of the M3 motorway from south of J4a to north of J2 incorporating J11-13 of the M25 which intersected the M3 at J2 .These systems were put in place to facilitate Balfour Beatty to open up this stretch of the M3 from a 2 lane carriageway to permanent 3 carriageway running by late 2016.

The installation of these systems was undertaken at night due to heavy traffic flow and with the added complication that the installation was to be installed over two Mac areas (3 and 5) which involved detailed programming of the works.

In total 37 average speed cameras were installed, 109 cctv cameras, 9 journey time cameras with visual information signs, a total of 49 kilometres of fibre and 31 kilometres of power cable installed along with a bespoke monitoring station based at junction 4a with cctv links to the regional control centre at Thorpe Transmission station.

A difficult area of the install was encountered where the M3 and M25 intersected, there were slip roads both clockwise and anti-clockwise off each carriageway, 8 in total with some elevated above others, this was overcome by pre planning with both MAC areas, the traffic management company involved in the scheme and P&D site management.

The scheme was delivered on schedule which enabled the main construction works to begin on time and all 3 camera systems are to be left in place for approximately 2 years with full 24 hours maintenance provided by P&D Specialist Services Ltd.

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