Motorway CCTV Installation

P&D Specialist Services Ltd have successfully installed all new high definition CCTV camera’s on the UK’s motorway network.





High-Definition Camera Without Street Lights or Infra-Red Lighting.

This demonstrates the Night Time extremes that a camera is expected to deal with;  either pitch black with no traffic or “flare” from vehicle headlights.





High-Definition Camera With Infra-Red Lighting.

The benefit of Infra Red lighting built into the camera transforms the scene.  At dusk, the camera automatically switches to black and white and the Infra Red Illuminator automatically activates.   Any retro-reflective surface such as number plates and reflectors are highlighted and make detection of incidents much easier.  Due to the IR cut filter, “flare” from headlights is reduced as well.  When the camera is zoomed-in the Infra Red Illuminator beam angle narrows in proportion and intensifies so that detail in the distance is enhanced. This is particularly beneficial when the area is routinely scanned by an operator and reveals images at the telephoto lens limit of the camera.


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